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Bondage Tips

Looking For More Passion In Your Life?

Discover An Intense Sexual Experience That Will Leave You and Your Partner Breathless 

Live your Deepest DESIRES... Learn How To do Bondage With Easy To Follow Step By Step Videos and unleash that hidden fire!

Dear Bondage Enthusiast,

If you're like most people you're interested in spicing up your bedroom activities.  You have lost that spark with your partner and there is no more burning desire in their eyes.
Things are becoming boring and everything in the bedroom has become routine.  All you can think about are new activities you want to incorporate into your sex life to bring back the thrills and excitement you once had before. 

Bondage tends to be one of the first experimental activities that most people want to slip into their sex lives.  The problem is how do you do it, because if not done properly it can also be one of the most dangerous activities.

If you came to this site it's because you're interested in learning:


  • How to tie up your partner but don't know where to start.  If you don't know what you are doing you could seriously harm your partner.  The result could even be fatal!  Watch as your partner's eyes widen with anticipation of what you will do next!

  • How to be tied up by your partner because if you don't know whats going on you could end up putting yourself in a worst position.  Discover the delight of feeling that rope wrap around your limbs. The absolute pleasure of helplessness and being subjected to your partners ultimate desires!

  • New and exciting ways to bring more thrills and pleasure to the bedroom. Learning new skills so you can keep your sex life interesting and exciting, so your partner doesn't start looking else where! There is nothing sexier then having a wide variety of techniques under your belt which you can draw upon at any moment.  Routine gets boring.  Nothing will keep your partner screaming in excitement and moaning in absolute pleasure!

You want to be prepared for any future situation you find yourself or a partner in where the skill would come in handy. 

Whatever your reasons, on this page I'm going to show you how anybody can learn how to do bondage even if you're a complete BEGINNER and have no idea

What I'm about to share with you is known by very, very few people on the planet. I'm going to reveal ALL the bondage secrets in just a few moments!

First let me explain how I started out just like you...

I was in a relationship that had been going on for 4 years and things were starting to become stagnant and routine in the bedroom.  We were both bored.  So we tried to increase the romance, nice dinners, buying sexy lingerie, etc.  

Nothing we did seemed to spice up the love life.

One day a friend of mine emailed me a bunch of pictures.   Normally my friend would send me pictures of things that I would never want to see.  Just the strangest things that still give me nightmares at times.  At the same time you still want to see, so I opened the email.  

This email was filled with women and men tied up in very sexy poses.  To my surprise, I really liked them! There was just something about those pictures that really turned me on.  Sure I'd known about bondage for a while but never gave it much thought. 

A bigger surprise While I had that email open my girlfriend walked in on me.  I didn't even know she was there.  She just snuck up right behind me.  I must admit I was completely  embarrassed and tried to close down the window before she would be able to see anything. 

Well I wasn't fast enough as she saw what I was looking at.  At first she gave me a hard time for looking at porn, but then she wanted to have a closer look.  I opened the email back up and I couldn't believe her reaction.  She was speechless.  At first I took that as a bad sign until she began to explain to me that bondage had been one of her biggest fantasies.  Of course it would have been nice if she had told me that after all the things we had tried.

The problem was she had never been able to try it, either:

1) She couldn't find someone interested in trying it and most of the guys she told founnd the idea just gross

2) If they were interested they didn't have a clue how to do bondage and had no intention of learning how to do it properly.  They just wanted to tie her up and have their way which is not a good idea.  Bondage is not your typical activity and should not be taken lightly.

We immediately got in the car and drove down to the local sex shop.  I ran into the shop grabbed all the rope they had which wasn't much and went to the cashier.  I laid the rope down and asked the woman working at the sex shop if they knew how to do bondage.  

The sex expert said "I've never tried it before."  Here they were selling rope and other bondage equipment and they didn't have any idea about it.

I asked if there was anything that could help and they suggested a book on bondage which I immediately bought.

With my girlfriend driving I cracked open the book to start learning because when we got home I wanted to start right away.  Well to say the book was confusing would be an understatement.  

I didn't have a clue what any techniques were trying to describe, the terminology was confusing and the worst part was there were no pictures.  Not a single picture showing step by step how it should actually be done.

When we got home we laid the book down and for the next 4 hours we desperately struggled to try and tie each other up.  

It was uncomfortable, difficult, frustrating and painful.  

All round it was a terrible experience for both of us and as you can imagine not a turn on for either.

I as with all the other activities I decided to shelve that project as a complete failure. 

I had just jumped into the idea without knowing anything.

So I started searching the net, looking high and low for anything that could help me. After months of searching, I came up empty handed. There wasn't a single site that would show you how to do bondage step-by-step.

I purchased book after book, but all they did was describe the process and have a picture of the final result.  Some bondage techniques are so complicated that there is no way you could figure out what's going on in one picture.  

I started looking into seminars and classes, but found them just as frustrating.  As many of the speakers were voluntary, and their lectures obviously unplanned and made up off the top of their head.  As they would discuss how to tie with zip straps, suranwrap, even the use of christmas lights, but little on bondage.  Afterwards the little that I did learn would soon be forgotten by the time I got home and I never received a handout that would help refresh my memory.

There was NOTHING that would show a complete beginner (like I was) what they needed to know step-by-step exactly on how to do bondage.  I soon realized bondage training was far more complicated.

I was close to just throwing in the towel, when my friend who had sent the email introduced me to Uncle M and Mistress Scarlet.  Two experienced bondage professionals and active members of the local bdsm community.  He said if anybody could teach you everything you would want to know, they could.  

Mistress Scarlett is a well sought-after, popular Professional Dominatrix that has honed her skill with  rope from years of experience getting clients into the exact positions she wants.

Uncle M is a highly regarded Glamour Bondage Artist.  He has spent his entire life creating visually stunning images with just a single piece of rope.  What he can create blows me away every time.

I called them both the very next day and asked them if they would show me how to do bondage.  They sat me down and showed me step-by-step the most mindblowing & safest techniques, tips and secrets on how to do bondage. Exactly what I needed to do and how to do it, so that I could have the best time of my life while staying safe and not causing any pain. 

After such a long time of struggling trying to find out how to do bondage I had finally learned and it felt amazing.


Learning How To Do Bondage Can Be Confusing And Dangerous   

I know what its like to not know how to do bondage

  • how to tie up your partner

  • what to do after they're tied up

  • how to release them quickly

  • what toys to use or how to use them

  • how to control them so I could get the pleasure I wanted and they could also enjoy it

  • any fun games to keep things more interesting 

  • then always having to come up with something new so you don't get bored, etc, etc, etc...

Due to the nature of bondage training you don't just want to jump into a scene without knowing more about it. Bondage is dangerous especially with someone who doesn't know anything about it and some one could get seriously hurt if you don't know what you are doing.  And yes to answer your question there have been deaths linked to bondage activities because proper precautions were not taken.  

I don't think anybody should ever have to go through what I went through again.

So I sat down with Mistress Scarlett and Uncle M and asked them if they would be willing show what they know in front of a video camera taking everything step by step just like they had shown Me.  They were more then happy to and I was thrilled to be able to capture their extensive knowledge on film to be able to show you.

Here is what you'll learn Exactly Step-By-Step on how to do bondage from Mistress Scarlett and Uncle M!

I have recorded it all on how to do bondage, so nobody else would have to go through the trial and error and confusion that I had to go through.

Here is just a taste:

Experience the joys of having full control and finally be able to get exactly what you have always wanted!

Enjoy the freedom and feeling of being fully restricted.  Finally you can let go of everything and just feel every sensation that is flooding your body.  A truely unforgetable experience.

Get Rid of Routine! Learn the techniques to spice up your sex life like never before and keep your partner coming back for more.

Forget the guess work and confusion, learn Step-By-Step exactly what you need to do to tie up your partner quickly and easily every time, without any of the pain or discomfort.

Have the Most Wild, Crazy and Kinky sex you have ever had. Blow your partners mind and they will never even think about straying ever.  They'll see you as a sexual god.

Get all the bondage techniques you'll need to have your partner at your mercy and begging you for more.

Feel the joys of seeing your partner in a variety of different positions that will leave them completely and totally at your mercy.

Don't forget Mistress Scarlett and Uncle M will go over: 

Learn the tricks to creating secure knots your partner will never escape.  Watch them wiggle and squirm as they try to get free.  In fact its one of my favourite games.
Single Limb Bondage Technique
Single limb bondage techniques

For those nights when you want to quickly and easily strap your partner down and have your way with them.  
Double Limb Bondage Techniques
Double Limb Bondage
Quick and easy or tight and restrictive.  It all depends on your mood.  No need to tie them down when you can tie up all their limbs together.  Arms, legs, knees, feet , elbows its all up to you. You'll only be limited by your imagination and your partner's willingness and flexibility.
Your wish is their command!

Beginner and intermediate techniques that'll make your partner puddy in your hands.  Watch their eyes glaze over as they realize  all they can do is enjoy every minute while at your mercy.     
Chest and Body Harnesses   

You can feel the wonderful secure tight rope wrapped around your body.  The warmth and comfort that can only be felt from the proper application of rope placed on skin.  

These techniques can even be used as sexy outfits.
If your heading to a fetish party everybody always enjoys the look of a nice body harness outfit.  

One of my favourite games is to have my partner wear a rope harness under their clothes during a nice evening out. No one will ever suspect what lies under your partner's clothes. Your partner on the other hand will feel the rope against their skin all night long and their mind won't be able to stop thinking about what is to come.
Sensual Bondage Positions

Bondage is a excellent warm up to sex in fact bondage can even be used to enhance sex. Here's a little secret if you strain against the rope while you are having an orgasm it will make your orgasm more explosive then you have ever felt before!

Tie your partner into your favorite sexual positions.  They'll enjoy every minute as they discover first hand, why you love that position so much. 

Learn bondage postions that make sex even better. These positions were designed so your partner is fully exposed giving easier access to them whether they are male or female.  Strap them down and you both can enjoy the ride!
Silence Your Partner At Will!
Some people actually talk more while tied up then when they are free to roam.  If you are feeling like a quiet night of bondage, put the silencer on your partner and enjoy their bound body in peace.  Or if you just prefer to do most of the talking show your partner who is really in charge by putting that mute button on. Once you have this skill you can apply it again and again. The great part is it costs nothing to repeat.

Tired of listening to you partner...well silence is Priceless!
Tying it all together!  

Learn how to take even the simpliest techniques combine them all together to produce a beautiful piece of bondage artwork.  The great part is that it only takes minutes but it'll look like you spent hours. Your partner will be blown away by your skill and think you're a real Rope Master.  

Plus You'll also learn:

After you tie someone up, what do you do next?  This is just the start of their most amazing night ever, but don't stumble around trying to think of things off the top of your head.  This just kills the mood.  Get different ideas you can do to keep your partner more turned on then ever before.

The 11 MOST critical things you must NOT do to ensure safety of you and your partner!  Learn what not to do, so you don't have to go charging to the hospital and explaining what happened 

Learn games you can play while your partner is aroused that will keep them hot, bothered and totally focused on you.

Don't hurt your partner, learn what is the best type of equipment to use so they remain comfortable and enjoying the experience at hand.

Find out which knots are best suited for a particular situation.

Discover the 3 most important concepts to bondage that will ensure that everybody has the time of their life!  Skip these and your current partner will become your ex

Don't be confused anymore, its all been done for you just follow along step by step to get things done right the first time.  Any hesitation or mistakes can be a big turn off.  Keep them in the mood the whole time or until you are done with them.

Learn about about critical safety practices that MUST be used.  It could save your life or limb! 

How to take care of your equipment to make sure it remains as strong and clean as the first day you got it.  Your partner could become seriously injuried if your rope becomes so weak that it snaps when they're in such a vunerable position.  

Accidents can and DO happen!  Learn what you need to have on hand to be able to handle anything that might arise. If you aren't prepared you could turn a minor accident into a major disaster.

 Top Secret: You can't do any bondage without equipment.  Not only will you learn about the most essential equipment you'll need.  I'll show you where you can get high quality equipment far cheaper then anywhere else.  In fact most adult and fetish stores are overcharging far too much and don't want me to let you in on this secret.  I want everybody to be able to incorporate bondage into their lives and you should be able too even if you're on a tight budget.

Finally discover the power and thrill of ultimate control!

...and MUCH more!

Whew! That's lot of information. But the great part is, all of this is broken down into extremely easy to follow step-by-step video with instructions that leave no room for error when trying to learn how to do bondage. 

 Here's a few words from some people who learned how to have the Ultimate Kinky experiences with The Secrets To Sensual Bondage Program!

"In Just One Viewing The Bondage Techniques Program Helped Me Create Some Awesome Ropework For A Photo Shoot"
From:    G.R. Middletown, NY 
BDSM Training Team <>
Customer Review: 4

In just one viewing the Bondage Techniques Program helped me create some awesome ropework for a photo shoot. Thanks!  Can't wait for more.

"Love The Videos, Love The Teaching Methods!"
From:    Mistress Zenobia 
To:    BDSM Training Team <>

Customer Review: 5 

I love receiving anything from the tutorial packages. I have been out of touch for a long time and thought I lost my skills as a Domme/Mistress...I still have much to learn...

I have read most of the material I bought, and used the information all the time...Love the videos, love the teaching methods! 

"Whatever I Do, I Want To Do It Well"
From:    WR, Pacifica, CA 
BDSM Training Team <>

Customer Review: 5 

Whatever I do, I want to do it well. I have not found any way for a newbie to learn about BDSM. Everyone is searching for experienced Masters. That is until I came across the Bondage Techniques Program. Safety was stressed throughout the program, so I am confident I will not damage anyone even though I am new at this. Info on what type of rope, lengths to cut the rope in, etc. was provided so I have all the info I need to get started safely. I am very pleased with the program and feel it was a good investment.

"I Really Liked The Program As It Shows In A Calm And Easy Way How To Do Bondage"
From:    Anonymous
To:    BDSM Training Team <>

Customer Review: 4

"I really liked the Program as it shows in a calm and easy way how to do bondage.
I hope that there will be more soon as I can't wait."

The Secrets To Sensual Bondage Guide is like following a roadmap. If you can read a map, with a little bit of practice you can learn all the bondage techniques described inside.

Here's what you'll get in The Secrets To Sensual Bondage Guide...


Bondage Guides

  • This includes a Video & Guide  on bondage,  with all the techniques you will need to keep control of your partners arms, legs, and chest.  They will be as free and comfortable or restricted and stuck as you want. Watch them struggle in absolute delight.  

  • Very easy-to-follow step by step video that eliminates all doubt about what needs to be done.  Don't make a mistake just follow along.

  • Learn the steps you need to take to ensure that you and your partner are both kept safe through the entire process.
  • You'll be able to view all of this online in the next thirty seconds and absorb it from the privacy and comfort of your own home.  Nothing will be shipped, so there is no waiting. You'll get everything instantly, even if its 2:00 in the morning!

You can increase your knowledge of bondage how to by 10X in as little 30 minutes!

By now I'm sure you're wondering how much this is all going to cost.  And in a moment I'll tell you. But first I want you to consider what it will cost if you DON't learn these secrets from Mistress Scarlett and Uncle M...

Think about how many hours of frustration you'll spend trying to figure this information out by yourself.  Tying up your partner and seriously hurting them to the point where they never want to try it again. You'll have doomed yourself to a life of boredom.  That is the best case scenario worst make the wrong choice in what you are doing and it can have serious consequences. I know because it almost happened to my girlfriend and myself.

Cut through all the trial and error and learn what you need to know!

The information I reveal to you could be worth hundreds of dollars over the course of your lifetime, not to mention how much aggravation you'll save because you'll actually know what to do!  Nothing will turn your partner on more then seeing the confidence you exude from knowing what you're doing.  

Not to mention most sane people would never let anybody near them let alone tie them up if they didn't know anything about it.

How much is it worth to spice up your life like never before and watch the intimacy and passion erupt between you and your partner

...having them singing your praises?

Well Most people would say, "a lot".  Well, in comparison you'll be paying very little for this priceless knowledge.  How much?

Just $47 BDSM Training subscribers Only: $27.97

Remeber this is just the introductory price.  As these Videos have just been released.

"Boy Are We Glad We Did!!"
From:    Anonymous 
BDSM Training Team <>
Customer Review: 4

"Whilst we were somewhat apprehensive at first about purchasing this program, we decided to take the plunge, considering the fact there is a 100% money back guarantee.

Boy are we glad we did!! This program is so simple to use with its step by step instructions and yet extremely effective in practice. This program has given us the confidence to do what we have strived to do for such a long time, but haven't because we didn't know how. Cant wait to see the advanced bondage program!!

This really could be a life changing experience for us. Thank you so much"

"I Do Very Much Appreciate This Course It Is Really Opening My Mind..."
From:    UA   Surrey, UK
To:    BDSM Training Team <>

Customer Review: 5 

"...I am very impressed of the course content as I am completely new to this sort of 'play'. The narrators are very clear with good voices - the sort that can actually get you turned on believe it or not -  whether male or female.  I am really enjoying it and it's very interesting to note that I am beginning to feel confident and able to visualise in my mind exactly how things should be done.

 I do very much appreciate this course it is really opening my mind to what I could actually be like, which I am have found surprising...Keep up the good work."


And if you decide to place your order today you'll get the following bonus products completely free...

Grab the following valuable gifts for Free!

Video #2:  How To Perform Rope Bondage

By Roper 

Bondage Techniques(A $47 value, yours FREE!)

There are many different techniques to rope bondage and I want to be absolutely sure that you get a well rounded background.  That way you can choose the techniques that speak to you personally. Instead of just being forced to do things one way.

Variety is the spice of life, is it not?

Roper supplies easy to follow step by step instructions on basic rope bondage techniques.  Even better he shows you how to take those techniques and incorporate them into some very restrictive and visually appealing bondage.  
Video #3:  Uncle M's: Advanced Video Tutorial To Glamour Bondage! Advanced Bondage Tips

(A $87 value, yours FREE!)

Have you seen all the Rope Master's with their confusing artistic bondage.  It looks gorgeous but no matter how long you look at it you can never figure out how they did it. 

Well after talking with Uncle M I finally got him to agree to reveal the secrets of how to do advanced glamour bondage. Uncle M will take you step by step through all the strenuous and beautiful techniques to create that gorgeous tight artistic bondage that just makes you want to squirm in ecstasy. 

There is no way that you're ever going to be able to get out of these positions but once your in them you'll love every minute.

Video #4:  Stretching For Bondage Guide & Video! 

  Stretching For Bondage

(Value $57, Yours Free)

Not quite able to put yourself into the bondage position you want?

Feeling a little stiff before and after a bondage session?

Well most people do and thats because they focus more on the bondage and less on keeping their body loose and limber enough to handle the riggers of such a strenuous bedroom activity. 

The last thing you want to do is get a bad cramp especially when things are just heating up.  Worst yet is if you actually injure yourself so your out of commission from doing any bondage for weeks to months.   If you want to be able to enjoy all the bondage positions of your desires you need to stretch regularly, including before and after a bondage session.   You can't go into bondage cold or come out without getting the blood flowing again.

Watch the step by step video and guide to make sure you're all warmed up before things begin to heat up.

Total Value Over: $200!

Why not kill two birds with one stone and order the Secrets To Sensual Bondage Guide and get these fantastic bonuses for free?

I can understand if you still have your doubts. Maybe you're not sure that this Video is right for you. Or maybe you think that all of this is just too good to be true. That's natural - I would think the same thing if I were in your shoes.

If so, that's fine because you don't have to make up your mind right now. I'm going to take every last bit of risk out of you owning this ground-breaking Video program by offering you...

My 365 Day No Questions Asked 100% Guarantee!  

Yes, a 100% guarantee. 

Here’s my guarantee: take a full 365 days to read and absorb the material and try out My BDSM training & bondage methods. Go ahead and grab over 22 years worth of secrets today.  Read them, use them and enjoy them!

That’s One Whole Year to try out what I’m teaching you – become a student and apply every step-by-step technique, study every detailed video, picture, and read every advanced tip...practice EVERYTHING and become a true artist master of bondage!

And if at ANY time during that year – even on day 365 – you decide you are not happy and you want your money back, I’ll give it to you, right away, no questions asked and no hard feelings. Just call 1.888.596.9279


Discreet - Nothing Is Ever Sent to Your House
And  Your Billing Is 100% Secure & Private

The Secrets To Sensual Bondage Program is 100% digital & online info which means we will never send you anything through the mail. The only people who will know about this transaction is you and us, and we will keep it that way! Also, to make sure your purchase is totally private, there will be NO reference to The Secrets To Sensual Bondage Program on your bill - ever.

One Time Fee - Period!

We will never - ever charge you more than once. One - discreet, private, untraceable payment - secured and encrypted technology makes sure your 1X purchase is totally secure. 

Claim YOUR copy of the Secrets To Sensual Bondage the next 2 minutes!

 Yes, I want to learn how to do bondage and to go from a piece of rope to making my desires come true!

I can't wait to get my hands on the complete step-by-step instructional bondage system including: 

* The Secrets to sensual bondage video and instructional guide (Value $47) (In High Definition)

* The Stretching For Bondage Video (Value $57)

* Uncle M's Advanced Tutorial To Glamour Bondage Video (Value $87) (In High Definition)

* Roper's Video Guide To Performing Rope Bondage (Value $47)

* and I'm even going to throw in some of My favourite bondage techniques (Value $27)

... all for a one-time investment of $47.97

Bondage Training

Its only a one time payment of $27.97

I understand that the Secrets To Sensual Bondage Program are downloadable videos, and eBooks immediately viewable online so I will have access to everything in the next 2 minutes! I realize that my order is 100% safe with ccbill and completely private.

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Privacy Policy: Your privacy is important to us! >>Your purchase is totally discreet!<< Your credit card statement will simply read "Paypal" and nobody will be able to tell what you have purchased!


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I look forward to getting a letter from you, telling Me about how much you are enjoying your new bondage experiences.  Even though I get an enormous amount of mail, write to Me.  I always love to hear how much your bondage skills have improved.


Master Bishop

Producer - The Secrets To Sensual Bondage

P.S.  If you want to learn how to do bondage, to create the most intense sexual experience of your life! You must be responsible and learn the proper techniques and safetly procedures involved in bondage. Its your job to ensure and protect the safety of your partner and yourself at all times while keeping the excitement alive.  

P.P.S. Remember, you'll get access to Uncle M and Mistress Scarlett's most treasured bondage techniques that I recorded in  "The Secrets To Sensual Bondage" Video Program, featuring step by step techniques so there is no error. PLUS you'll get the bonus gifts valued at over $190!

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P.P.P.S. If you don't order the Secrets To Sensual Bondage Guide today how are you going to be able to tie up your partner tonight?


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